Susan’s Blog: Letter action

Like an electrical wire stretched across the ocean, newsy letters bring energy. The members of the letter writing group within Vernon’s Grannies à Gogo are always elated to receive a letter from their gogo partners, and I tried to convey that enthusiasm at our first ‘workshop’. I spoke about how we wanted to strengthen our connections, become closer ‘sisters’ and receive more news from them. 

Milly scribes a letter; others help too

Letter-writing is not a part of their culture, so I have to be sensitively aware that we are pushing a Euro-centric concept onto them. Further obstacles are lack of literacy and a majority of non-English speakers. But what was very evident is that they love to get a letter from their Canadian partner, and we must remember that is what our frequent letters are – a gift of taking time to show we care.

I asked them what they would like to hear in their partner’s letter and they replied: what do they like to do – crafts, knitting, singing, church, gardening, sewing and what do they do with the products? how does our Grannies group operate? do we have lunch together like them, visit the sick, play sports? And they love to get photos!

Gogo writes on her own

I told them how we like to hear the details of their daily lives and of their Sitabogogo activities, and gave many examples. Then they had a letter writing session. A few wrote on their own, and a few English speakers scribed for others. We’ll carry on with assisting more of them in the days to come . . . strengthening that link.


5 thoughts on “Susan’s Blog: Letter action

  1. Hi Susan,

    I’m just catching up on your blog. You must be so happy to be back with your gogos! What a treat it must be to encourage them in person and to let them know how much all the Vernon group are thinking of them. I pray all is well with you and Ken. Now I think I’ll get busy and write a few letters to my sponsor kids!


  2. Great letter, Susan. I get excited when I get a letter from Africa – just as much as they do from Canada. I’m wondering if some of their grandchildren would like to send a note or a drawing along with the Gogo’s letter.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Finally able to catch up with your newsy & entertaining blogs. Love them. They bring such a smile ( we’ll forget about those ever-present black clouds of corruption etc though they are a very real part of life and shouldn’t be forgotten I suppose)….anyhow, great work. The images you offer are wonderful.


  4. Hi Susan – For all you do for the Gogos & we Grannies……….a heartfelt THANK YOU!! I know I’m so excited when I hear from Beauty; I feel she is a best friend.

  5. Hi Susan
    Catching up tonight on your blog and it makes me long for Africa. We will be back in Togo in mid July to mid August I think. I love reading your blog…I feel I am in the midst of the ladies and also makes me want to know them myself. Sounds like such fun even though I know their lives are difficult! Also love the pictures.
    Talk to you soon. I know Ken enjoyed hearing from you today.
    Love, Terry

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