Susan’s Blog: Bag Lady

It has been almost two years since my last sojourn with Sitabogogo in Sabie, South Africa. In addition to my usual large suitcase, I am hauling along an extra two large duffle-type bags. There’s been about 40 hours of transition time in planes and airports between Vernon and Johannesburg. I value that time because it’s a kind of suspension, a limbo, in which I can ruminate. Wool-gathering thoughts of changes I might find with the gogos, and daydreamy thoughts about familiar faces and places.

Now, back to those bags. Steering Committee members Beverley and Sigrid-Ann have also been wool gathering in a very literal sense – one of those bags is packed to bursting with knitting wool for our gogo sisters who had asked for it for their handicraft projects. Thank you to all who donated wool! Buried in the middle of the wool is a box of 70 calendars as Christmas gifts to each our gogos, which can be seen on the Home page of this website. The 27 coloured photos of Grannies à Gogo and Sitabogogo tell the story of our deeply felt connection. The second bag is filled with clothes purged from my closet over the past two years and will give to the Ubuntu Care Centre for distribution, which is the umbrella organization under which Sitabogogo operates.

It will be an exciting time for the next three weeks. There’s been a change in our volunteer administration with Rev. Ginny Cormack moving away in July, a new Board of Directors has been put in place, and two new volunteers have come from Belgium. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning about what’s been happening. Tomorrow Ken and I rent a car and make the four hour drive to Sabie. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Susan’s Blog: Bag Lady

  1. Happy to hear you are safely there with all your woollies intact – an ingenious way to transport calendars! We’ll be watching your progress. Love, Shirley G

  2. Happy to stayed “tuned,” our “bag lady”!! Thanks for letting us know that you have arrived safely and are in good spirits. Love, Anne

  3. Am anxiously awaiting your observations / comments / thoughts / reviews / etc. which leave me with goose bumps and such memories. Enjoy every minute and please say “hi’ to all for me. Love Sue U

  4. Hope you get a chance to hear some African drumming and singing, while there. It’s good for the soul 🙂

    Happy travels. Love, Kathy deG

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