Susan’s Blog: Greetings

The sapphire/purple majesty of this immense Jacaranda tree

It has been good these past few days to have time to adjust again to this culture, and settle into former familiarities of place and people. I’ve had afternoon teas and dinners with various friends of old, and caught up on Sabie chitchat. Mid-November is the tail end of Jacaranda blooming season and I couldn’t resist stopping to photograph this magnificent old specimen in the centre of Sabie on my way to Simile township this morning.

Doris, in turquoise, is fully focused as she swings into the exercise session

As is their tradition, the gogos sang their welcome and individual greetings to me, and I responded with my good wishes of caring and sharing from the Vernon Grannies. Then I jumped into their activities with both feet … literally. It was exercise day for the first half hour and the weekly physiotherapist who leads them was held up at the hospital. So I did what any retired ballet teacher would do and led them in exercises until the physio arrived. She carried on, giving them a double dose.

Milly translates with gusto for the dietician

I suspect they were glad to sit down for the visiting dietician. She had a hand-out for each gogo, with pictures to accompany her talk on “Falls” – the danger of broken bones and of some medications that cause dizziness, and the need for regular exercise and calcium rich foods, with pictured examples of milk, cheese, sardines and spinach. I was pleased to see their interest and all the questions they directed to the dietician.

While this was going on another group of about 20 people sat under the smaller tree. Joy Burton explained that they were waiting their turn to see Social Services Assistance about pension problems, child allowances and so on. In the past people had to travel to Graskop (north of Sabie), but now the Anglican Church has given Social Services permission to use the old Home Based Care shack on the premises and their agents come here, making life less onerous all around.


5 thoughts on “Susan’s Blog: Greetings

  1. Thanks so much for your update ( and yes, I will mention your blog when sending out the minutes ). Your observations and pictures are so wonderful and reassuring that all is as it should be there!

  2. I hope you’ll tell the Gogos that Canadian grandmothers exercise, drink milk and eat sardines too (except for Granny Shirley who hates sardines!)

  3. Thanks Susan, it’s good to know that you arrived safely and all is well. Please remember to give my love to everyone, and I look forward to hearing about their sewing and knitting projects.
    Unlike Shirley, I love sardines!!

  4. Nice to hear from you Susan and it seems that you have settled into life on Sabie very nicely. It is always good to renew old acquaintances. It snowed here today, an early prediction of what is to come. So, enjoy your beautiful sunny days….

  5. Sue and Beverley, I’ve given your greetings to many. Shirley, I appreciate your regular responses. Arlene, good to hear from you and, yes, I’m soaking up the warm weather and have been soaked caught in a sudden shower. Thank you all for tuning in! I’m taking a break this weekend to Kruger Park to commune with the wildlife.

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