Garage Sale

Garage Sale    23 September, 2007

Committee: Lorraine Thompson and Carol Schroeder (co-chairs), Shirley Grabinsky, Beth Desimone, Sarah Rose and Anne Clarke.

sortingThe Grannies’ Garage Sale was a sight to behold and an experience not to be missed. Watkin Motors kindly offered an enormous space, donations poured in by the boxfuls and we filled the space to the rafters. A large number of Grannies (and some very supportive husbands) contributed in many ways: donations of items, collection and delivery of items, many hours of sorting, pricing, set-up, working at the sale, massive clean-up afterwards, and disbursement of unsold items to thrift shops.

When the dust settled and our Treasurer, Carol Schroeder, counted the earnings, and Kay Nash rolled all the coins, the result was $2,629.05, plus $350.00 in other donations, for a total of nearly $3,000 for Sitabogogo. There was terrific teamwork of time, muscle, organizational skills and cheerful dispositions from so many members of the 140 strong Grannies à Gogo.