Grannies Treasure Trunk Sale

Grannies Treasure Trunk Sale – 13 September 2008

Trunk Sale

Trunk Sale

Committee: Shirley Grabinsky, Joan Davidson, Janis Lauman, Sarah Rose, Lorraine Thompson and Sue Ulmer

Cars, trucks and vans sidled up to one another and overflowed their wares onto folding tables and blankets in a scene that imitated the way African gogos market their goods (minus the vehicles). Granny merchants put on a colourful display of a huge assortment of under-loved items from their attics, cupboards and basements as well as baking, garden produce and home-made crafts. And we had fun!

Despite the autumn nip in the air, the sun shone brightly and brought out the crowds. Ann Dorval’s Trinity Drummers filled the air with African rhythms and defied all to stand still!

Altogether, 18 tables raised $3000, all of which goes directly to our gogos in South Africa.