Pot Luck and Auction 2008


Pot Luck & Auction  – 18 February, 2008  

Pot Luck organizer: Sherlyn Stewart

Auction Organizers: Anne Clarke & Carol Schroeder

We had an absolute hoot with a Pot Luck Supper and Auction Fund-raiser which was attended by about 40 women. Each attendee introduced herself and said why she had joined Grannies à Gogo, which was a very worthwhile and affirming exercise. Beverley and Susan had just returned from Sabie and gave a short presentation and slide show on their recent experiences.

Once dinner was underway, the auction started. Each of us had to bring an ‘under-loved’ item from home and then auction off our own item. That’s where the laughs began as we each tried desperately to get top dollar for our item. We laughed all evening and in the end raised $900 for Sitabogogo.