Ethel Gama Education Fund

There is a very bright grade 12 student in Sabie, South Africa named Ethel Gama and she deserves to go to university. Grannies à Gogo is betting on her, based on reports from their volunteer administrator, a former principal, Vicky Bryant. We hope Vernon residents will see her potential and support this appeal for educational funding.

Ms. Bryant reports, “She is an extremely hard-working child and deserves help to get to university, having passed all her subjects with distinction over the years. Through sheer determination and hard work she is single-minded about breaking the cycle of poverty which keeps so many from reaching their full potential. Ethel has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge – she never hesitates to ask a question and constantly requests extra exercises. She is determined to do something that will change her family’s situation and benefit her community.”


Ethel lives in a two-roomed shack with her unemployed mother and sister. Despite their difficult situation, she is determined to change her circumstances and life for her family. She does her homework standing up in the kitchen, working on a little shelf. She was selected as the only top achiever in her high school and was invited to a celebration of top achievers in the nearby city and awarded a laptop for her efforts. Ethel is considering doing Medicine. It has not been determined where Ethel will continue her post secondary education but it will require her to move from Sabie to a much larger location. Ms. Bryant worked with her on all subjects but focused on math, often working several days a week. In her final mathematics exam, Ethel passed with 100%. A university candidate very worthy of support!

We know that Ethel will need financial support to make her dreams possible but we don’t know the specifics of her needs yet and it will be determined by where she is accepted and how long her studies continue. In time we will know specifically what she’ll need for housing, books, etc. We would like to see Ethel to the end of her journey but even if we can get her started it will be a big help.

To donate, click the button below or mail a cheque to the Grannies à Gogo Treasurer addressed to the Ethel Gama Education Fund, Box 1652, Vernon, BC, V1T 8C3. Fill in the amount you would like to donate. Because we are not a tax-registered charity a tax-receipt will not be issued.

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