Sock It Away!

Sock-it-Aways are being given to all who would like to participate in our ingenious fundraising project.  The idea is that until the next collection of socks, we place our loose change in these unique “piggy banks.”  The first collection on October 23, 2010 raised over $2500 for the Gogos in Sabie, South Africa.  Many Grannies à Gogo supporters kept their Sock-it-Aways in anticipation of the next “sorting and counting” party.   With a few more Sock-it-Aways in circulation and a few more coins, the “every penny counts” fundraiser would raise even more.  We are very excited by the ease with which we can help the Sitabogogo Gogos with this “no cost” project.  Please contact us at if you would like to sign out a Sock-It-Away for Grannies bank.



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