Treasure Trunk Catches Dreams

Granny’s Treasure Trunk Catches Dreams

On Saturday, May 29, from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, at Trinity United Church parking lot, Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection will hold the second annual Granny’s Treasure Trunk – a sale of new and used treasures.

The Vernon Grannies, now in their third year of existence, continue to live the dream of bringing hope to the Gogos (Zulu for “grandmothers”) of Sabie, South Africa, who struggle to raise AIDS-orphaned grandchildren. In the African culture the responsibility for the care of elderly parents falls to the adult children. However, with the deaths of so many adult children, grandparents are faced with emotional and financial burdens – funeral expenses, raising grandchildren and paying school fees, and their own deteriorating health. Financial help from the Vernon area has enabled the formation of Sitabogogo (Zulu for “help a grandmother”), an organization that provides social and educational benefits to the Gogos.


Grannies Beth Desimone, Janis Lauman and Maureen Sieg display the Sock It Aways which are being distributed in our community.

Grannies à Gogo continues to fundraise to fulfill the dream of bringing hope to their Gogo partners. For this reason the Steering Committee created the position of “Dreamcatcher”. The idea of catching and recording ideas for fundraising projects appealed to Janis Lauman who volunteered for the job.  It wasn’t long before Janis organized the “Sock It Away” campaign. Using recycled socks and pill containers, she created over one hundred sock banks, most of which are now being filled by folks who empty their pockets of handfuls of change. Parents who wish to teach their youngsters the value of sharing are picking up the very small containers. Sock It Away banks will be available at the Treasure Trunk sale on May 29. For info please phone Janis (250 549-3098)

All funds raised by Grannies go directly to African grandmothers in Sabie. Any doubt that the Vernon group is making a difference will be dispelled when you read this quote from a letter written by Grieta Maphanga: “I joined Sitabogogo project in 2009. Oh it’s wonderful. I was so lonely at home but now I feel strong and energetic because we always laugh.”

Info contacts: Shirley Grabinsky (250 542-4285) or Beth Desimone (250 542-7379)


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