Travelling Trunk – what is it?

Because restrictions on gatherings and social activities have eliminated your ability to purchase Grannies products at craft sales we’ve come up with a unique way to provide you with the opportunities you’ve been missing.

It’s our Travelling Trunk – a set of containers that are suitable to be displayed in your trunk or easily taken to a patio or dining room table. We deliver it to your location in the Vernon area and will include items of your preference.

The four containers hold:

  • cards and puzzles
  • books, calendars (when available), and book bags
  • purses and bags
  • assorted crafts and brooches

So gather up some friends, neighbours and family and provide an interesting, safe way to do a little shopping for gifts or for themselves.

Email us at to book it or for further information.


Donations needed for Fabric Sale

Our fabric sale in 2019 was one of our most popular events. Yards and yards of fabric and wool were eagerly purchased by crafters, sewers, quilters and more. So we’re doing it again. COVID restrictions will determine the date of the sale but we’re expecting it to be in the fall of 2021. We’re now happy to announce that it will be held Sept. 25 at People Place.

However we’ll need your help with donations of fabric and wool that you no longer need.

Please consider donating:

  • fabric: size 1⁄2 meter plus
  • fat quarters
  • quilt scraps
  • yarn
  • unfinished projects

The donation box is at Watkin Motors – 4602 27th Street, Vernon. And it’s pretty fancy!

**Please note the drop off location has changed to Trinity United Church – open T-F 9-4.

Email if you have questions.

Virtual Travelogues – Come Join Us


Not only are we missing trips abroad during COVID we are also having to forgo our usual travelogues that we have presented for the last ten years. We are now pleased to offer you the delights of ‘virtual travelling’ using Zoom. These presentations are free to attend but we ask that in lieu of the $5 admission, that you consider making a donation by clicking the button below.

Our first Virtual Travelogue will be presented on Friday, Jan. 22, 2021 10:00 a.m. (PT) by Sue Harnett. She will give a half hour on “Exploring Ethiopia, its History, Culture, and Landscapes”, followed by an interactive question period.

Wayne Emde will present on Friday, January 29, 2021 10:00 a.m. (PT). His presentation is: “Boots, Packs and Time – Journeys Through Five Countries”.

Link to RECORDING of Wayne Emde’s January 29 presentation on walking 5 countries:

Link to Sue’s previously RECORDED travelogue on Ethiopia:
For this recording you will need the passcode: 9q+^6#uZ

All donations go directly to aid the Grandmothers in Sabie, South Africa, who are dealing not only with raising their Aids-orphaned grandchildren, but also the ravages of the pandemic.

If you have not participated in Zoom presentations before there are comprehensive instructions here. Please note that the instructions are slightly different for desktop/laptops than for ipads/phones. You can set it up ahead of time to check your audio and video. If you have technical difficulties please send an email to and we’ll be happy to help.

Car Wash

Time to get your car sparkling again! The 2nd annual Grannies Car Wash fundraiser is taking place Saturday October 3 at the 29th Street Autoplex from 10-2.

Sponsored and assisted by Watkin Motors. the grannies, wearing their Covid masks to protect those nearby, will be working up a lather on dirty cars. All proceeds go directly to South African ‘Gogos’ (Zulu for ‘Grandmothers’) who are caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren.

These energetic women will carefully hand wash the vehicles at two separate stations for $15/car. A table of Grannies’ handicrafts, baking and preserves will be set up for customers to peruse while their cars are being cleaned. They ask that browsers wear masks while looking at the tables. Calling all dirty cars to Come Clean in support of disadvantaged African gogos!

Now Available – Jigsaw Puzzles

We’ve very happy to introduce our new product – jigsaw puzzles! These are created from high quality photos of African animals and British Columbia Birds and, all but one, taken by members of Grannies à Gogo. Choose from over 25 different images.

This is the perfect activity for puzzlers from small children to teens, adults and grandparents!

With the current COVID-19 crisis, the Gogos in South Africa are facing increasing issues with food, health and finances. We hope that you will help us to help them in this very unusual time.

Small 4″x6″ 24 pieces
Large 8″x10″ 48 pieces

You can see the selection here and, then, ORDER or email your order to using the numbers (small puzzles) or letters (large puzzles) and descriptive names.

Travelogues 2020

Our next series of travelogues are packed and ready to go!

Here’s the schedule – you can find more details here:

January 10 – Everest and Nepal
January 17 – Norway’s Coast to Iceland
January 24 – Japan the Deep North
January 31 – Beijing to St. Petersburg by Train

At the Schubert Centre 10 – 11 am. $5 admission.

Fabric Sale Extravaganza

Grannies à Gogo is presenting a Fabric Sale Extravaganza. Up for grabs will be a hundreds of meters of fabrics and yarns, as well as notions.

The visual feast includes satins, silks, synthetics, cottons, laces, wools, rayons, denims, knits, flannels and much more. All are pre-measured and labelled. There is every colour and pattern conceivable – imagine a hundred times Joseph’s infamous multi-coloured coat. Anyone who is keen on sewing, quilting, costume making, or crafting will be up to their eyeballs in delight.

And the kicker… it is ALL spectacularly inexpensive, regardless of fabric type. There are also heaps of rolled off-cuts of less than a metre for sale at $5 per grocery bag.  Also available are quantities of doll making supplies.

The Fabric Extravaganza will be held Saturday, April 6th, from 10 – 4 pm at The People Place, 3402- 27th Avenue, Rm. 006. Please bring your own bag. Cash or cheques only.

Fabric Sale Poster_sm

2019 Travelogues

This very popular series continues with four presentations:

Jan. 11Three Rivers: Budapest to Amsterdam by Wayne Emde
Jan. 18China, Vietnam, Cambodia: Teaching & Touring by Sandee Carson
Jan. 25The Rock: Nfld’s Vikings, Icebergs and Birds by Marnie & Ted Melnyk
Feb. 1India by the Five Senses by Suzy Sims

All presentations are scheduled for 10 am at the Schubert Centre 3505 30 Ave, in The Emerald Room. Admission $5


Icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland.

2018 Travelogues

The Grannies à Gogo series of four winter Travelogues have proven so popular that they will now be hosted in a new venue, the much more spacious Emerald Room at the Schubert Centre, 3505 – 30 Ave, Vernon. Take note! The impressive 2018 season of four new destinations is the eighth season of these remarkable Travelogues. The first in the winter series focuses on the Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba on Friday, Jan. 12. The next looks at Myanmar/Burma on Friday, Jan. 19. The third travelogue explores the spectacle of Iceland on Friday, Jan. 26, and winding up the winter series we travel to Portugal on Friday, Feb.2.  All the slide-show presentations are scheduled for 10:00 am at the Schubert Centre.

Churchill Polar Bear

            Marnie & Ted Melnyk kick off this series with Churchill in Polar Bear Season, a week-long “learning vacation” at the Northern Studies Science Centre at Churchill, Manitoba. Throughout that time they had a scientist guide who gave daily informative talks about their wildlife research. They joined an international group of about twenty people who could interact with the research and, for example, helped with a seal count. While spending two days on giant tundra buggies they successfully sought out and found polar bears and other wildlife, capturing them with their cameras.  Another highlight included a helicopter ride over the Hudson’s Bay coast, viewing the tundra and polar bears with cubs. They will complete the presentation with a look at Inuit art, the culture, the history, and the community spirit.


In the second travelogue Sue Harnett presents Myanmar/Burma and shares the complexity of this country’s past, present, and future which is currently so much in the news. Sue shares her observations and experiences while touring this changing country, noting the underlying political climate where powerful and corrupt ‘generals’ are in control and people are reticent to talk. Yet there is also a real feeling of optimism, since the first “free election” and the lifting of sanctions, and of economic progress. She perceives bustling modern cities, lovely landscapes, opulent temples and Buddhist beliefs and traditions which are respected.

Hengifoss Waterfall

The season’s third travelogue has us Warming Up to Iceland with Connie & Dudley deLeenheer. As the much quoted saying goes, “Nobody goes to Iceland for the weather”, and they quickly found out why it is so popular as a tourist destination. Iceland presents the opportunity to experience pure, unspoiled nature with very little in the way of human interference. They were fascinated by the gems of nature and the dramatically varied landscapes, some of which were very moonscape-like, where movies such as ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Interstellar’ have been filmed. Beautiful fjords and spectacular waterfalls provide diversity. Connie has a connection to Iceland since her great-grandparents were born there. She was impressed by the challenging life of people who lived in sod houses back in the day, yet they were resourceful and managed to get through their hardships with their daily phrase: “Everything will be all right.” Iceland is a very old and awe-inspiring country and was home to the world’s first organized parliament.

Queen Leonor Spa

Rounding out the Winter Morning Travelogue series is Portugal – Where Old World Meets the New, seen through the photos and comments of Juve & Isabel Furtado. Beginning in Isabel’s native city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, they focus on sites of historical importance such as the impressive 1502 Jeronimos Monastery and the Belem Tower, both renowned for their magnificent architecture and interesting histories. Also catching attention are the irresistible Portuguese “pasteis de nata” or custard tarts like no other. They travel to the City of Porto, famous for its port wine, and to the coast of Algarve with its beautiful beaches and picturesque old towns.

Join us as we armchair travel to these four captivating destinations! All presentations will be held at the Schubert Centre, 3505 – 30 Ave, Vernon at 10:00 am. Admission is $5 at the door. All proceeds directly support bereaved African grandmothers raising their orphaned grandchildren. Schubert Centre will have coffee/tea and cookies available by donation to the Schubert Centre.