Grease – Movie Sing-Along!

Time to get out those poodle skirts and blue suede shoes for a fun-filled evening with Sandy and Danny.

Grannies à Gogo presents the original Grease movie with all your favourite lyrics to sing along to.

Friday, November 3 at 7 pm


Presented on the big screen at OK College Campus in Vernon – Room D-310. Doors open at 6:30 (rush seating).

Tickets – $15 available from Grannies à Gogo members or from the Bean Scene (2923 30th Ave, Vernon)

Hosted by Rick and Coreen Smith – refreshments available – room for dancing!


We are going to have a great calendar!  Thank you to everyone who entered photos in the contest and took part in the People’s Choice event.
Thanks to our fantastic judge Ian Bull – very patient, informative and fun.  He was impressed by the quality and variety of the photos entered.
And the winners are:
January – Barb Melanson
February – Wayne Emde
March – Anne Clarke
April – Gabe Stebbins (first prize)
May – Mary Stebbins (the mom of the first prize winner!)
June – Carol Schroeder
July – Carol Schroeder
August – Barb Melanson
September – Barbara Dirk (third prize)
October – Sarah Hanson
November – Anne Clarke
December – Sue Harnett (2nd prize)
January ‘19 – Mary Stebbins
Winning Photo: Adventure Calls
People’s Choice Winners:
Winter – Sue Harnett
Spring – Anne Clarke
Summer – Eileen Kaul
Fall – Anne Clarke
Calendars will be ready for purchase soon – watch for an announcement as these sell quickly!!

Travel to Nepal and Vietnam

The Grannies à Gogo are happy to present two new travelogues:

Friday, May 5:

Nepal: A Pilgrimage in Diversity will be presented by Virginia Dansereau for Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection on  at 7:00 pm at The People Place, 3402 – 27th Ave, Vernon. Admission $5. Join us as she explores city antiquity highlights juxtaposed with a rugged trek through spectacular mountains.

 Friday, May 12:

Vietnam – Fascinating History, Scenery, People and Cuisine will be presented by Carol Schroeder for Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection at 7:00 pm at The People Place, 3402 – 27th Ave, Vernon. Admission $5. Join us for a look at Vietnam’s colourful sights, people and flavours.

The Science of Happiness

Grannies à Gogo is pleased to present Dr. Ben Coleman and the Science of Happiness. Dr. Coleman will speak on the science of developing and leading a happy life.

Dr. Coleman has researched the subject of happiness for the past decade and his presentation will include voluntary audience participation with tools that participants can take home and put into practice.

This presentation will take place Friday, Feb. 24 at the People Place, 3402 27th Ave., lower level, at 7 pm.  Doors open at 6:30.

Admission by donation (minimum $5) and all proceeds go to the African grandmothers raising their AIDS orphaned children.



Travelogues in 2017

Six new exciting places to explore in 2017! This year’s trips take us to such remote places as  Mongolia and Chile!

The Travelogues are all on Fridays 10 am in Room 106, People Place (3402- 27th Avenue, Lower Level ).

January 20: Sue Harnett will present Iran
January 27: Marnie and Ted Melnyk will present Chile and Argentina 
February 3: Mary Stebbins and Richard Vest will present Mongolia
February 10: Wayne Emde will present Scotland

Spring evening travelogues are held at 7 pm at the People Place.
May 5:  Virginia Dansereau – Nepal
May 12: Carol Schroeder will present Viet Nam

Winners Announced

The winners of the 2017 Calendar Photo contest have been announced and the winning photo was by 15 year old Isabelle Harnett. The announcement was made at the “People’s Choice” event held at the Schubert Centre where the public was invited to select 4 photos to be featured on the calendar cover.

This year we had a record number of entries and in the end our judge, Wayne Emde, selected the stunning photo below by Isabelle.


Complete list of winners:
January – Isabelle Harnett, (Snowshoeing in the Sun) – 1st Prize
February – Hugh Clarke (Winter Coyote on a Deer Trail)
March – Grahame Go (Basking in the Sun)
April – Hellmut Noelle (Making Honey)
May – Anne Clarke (Opsrey Pair … and here’s a fish for you)
June – Stephen Hanon (Kalamalka Lake from the Crest Trail)
July – Shane McDonald (The Twins at the Beach)
August – Sue Harnett (Waiting for a Swinger)
September – Cheryl Wiles (Blaze of Glory) – 3rd Prize
October – Diane Ward (Through the Looking Glass)
November – Carol Schroeder (The End of an Era) – 2nd Prize
December – Sue Ulmer (Snow Surfin’)

January – Mary Stebbins (A Winter Refuge)

The People’s Choice Awards:

Winter – Hugh Clarke (Winter Coyote on a Deer Trail)
Spring – Anne Clarke (A Hummingbird Eyes the Honeysuckle)
Summer – Sue Harnett (Waiting for a Swinger)

Fall – Carol Schroeder (The End of an Era)

Calendars will be for sale shortly at various local craft events before Christmas, online in our Grannies Store, and from Grannies Steering Committee members.

Travel to Ethiopia and Morocco

Join us at the People Place on Friday May 7 and May 13 for 2  more of our very popular Travelogues. You will be immersed in adventures of immense scale and visual splendour. Whether you are an appreciative armchair traveller or scouting for new travel adventures of your own, you’ll enjoy the view from here.

On May 7, Gail Short will bring to life the exotically vibrant country of Morocco. Her montage will look at historic medinas and casbahs that brim with the sounds of Arabic languages, the clip clop of donkeys and the horns of urgent vehicles. We’ll see ancient buildings and alley-ways that overflow with colouful fabrics , ornate vessels and fresh produce that scents the air with gentle spices for wholesome cuisine.


On May 13, Glennis O’Neill will explore the diversity that is Ethiopia, spanning all of human history. She will look at the bustling modern city of Addis Ababa, then rush backwards 3000 years to visit the Queen of Sheba’s home, walled cities, churches carved in stone, and unique cultures that have lived for hundreds of years. This is a land where you are as likely be served a spicy wat as you are a pizza and where coffee is not just a drink but a ceremony. Through her stories and photos Glennis will share portraits touching on both the modern and traditional ways of life in Ethiopia.

Mursi girl

All presentations will be held at the People Place, 3402- 27th Avenue, Lower Level, at 7:00 pm. Admission is by donation at the door  and all proceeds directly support AIDS-bereaved “gogos” (grandmothers) in South Africa.