Two simple ways you can help the African Gogos (grandmothers)


Donations can be made through our PayPal account. Because we are not a tax-registered charity a tax-receipt will not be issued but your donation will be acknowledged. Click on the button below to pay with PayPal or a credit card.Donations (cheques) can also be mailed to:
   Grannies à Gogo Treasurer
   Box 1652
   Vernon, BC  V1T 8C3 Canada

Give Someone a Gift

What do you give to the person who “has everything”? By giving a gift to Grannies à Gogo you show your loved ones that you have remembered their special occasion in a way that makes a difference in our world. To make your gift, complete the form below.  Then click the DONATE button above to complete your donation. You will be e-mailed a Grannies à Gogo certificate for you to present or mail to the person(s) being honoured.

(If you prefer you can print off and mail this form it may take a bit longer)


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