2009 Calendars – presented to each gogo by Susan

Christmas Gift for Gogos

Anne Clarke and Susan Fenner of Grannies à Gogo designed a 2009 Calendar for 100 members of Sitabogogo in Sabie, South Africa. The calendar features four photos for each month illustrating the many activities both groups were involved with in 2008.  Susan carried the calendars to Sabie (see below), and presented them to the gogos at the Sitabogogo Christmas party.

Many in Vernon bought and signed the calendars for the gogos!

The calendars were unveiled on November 1st at the Trinity United Church’s Fall Tea.  Supporters of the Sabie, South Africa project made $10 donations and, if they wished, added greetings for gogos on the back covers of the calendars.   In all, 100 signed calendars were taken to South Africa and 82 were bought locally.

 Susan’s Trip to Sabie Susan Fenner was in Sabie, South Africa in late November-early December.  Her days were long as she set out to meet the goals she set for herself while there:  

  • she strengthened the connection between the Vernon grannies and the Sabie gogos.
  • she hand delivered letters from the Letter Writing group to their gogo partners and sent photos of her visits back to Vernon.
  • she met with our volunteer administrator, Rev. Ginny Uren Viner, our outgoing managing director, Ruth Magagula, and our incoming managing director, Millie, to assess the current needs and determine how we might assist.
  • at their Christmas party at Ubuntu Centre, she presented a Christmas gift to each gogo of a 2009 Calendar [see above] personalized with 50 photos of both groups.
  • she enjoyed reviewing and visiting the Sitabogogo projects developed with the assistance of Grannies à Gogo – their gardens, sewing, knitting, baking, and much more.
  • she visited many of our gogos in their homes, some of which are simple shacks without water or electricity.
  • she wrote several articles for The Morning Star
  • she tried her hand for the first time at blogging her experiences. See the links on the home page.

For reports of the visit she and Beverley Barling made in Jan/Feb 2008 see Visits to Sabie.

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