Reading Glasses Blitz


Reading Glasses Blitz  1 – 22 April, 2008

Committee: Beth Desimone, Anne Clarke and Carol Thornton

During their visit to the Sitabogogo project in January, 2008, Beverley Barling and Susan Fenner noticed that a number of the gogos were squinting and having difficulty seeing their sewing. So Grannies à Gogo organized a three-week blitz to collect no-longer-needed reading glasses. Art Schmidt Optical offered their services as a collection point and labelled all the glasses with the correct magnification. 


Sarah Lekhuleni with her new glasses

Sarah Lekhuleni with her new glasses

Meanwhile in Sabie, Ginny and Ruth put a plan in place for testing the gogos’ vision and seeing that each gets the appropriate magnification. Ken Fenner transported the glasses with him on a business trip to Sabie and, by the end of April, 45 pairs of reading glasses were distributed as a result of the three-week blitz.



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