Okanagan Moments Photo Contest Winners

Our photo contest judge, Brenda Hala, sifted through the many high quality photos depicting life in the Okanagan and announced  Konnie Kranenburg as the 1st place winner with her stunning photo Sunset on Kin Beach.  This photo graces the cover of the 2015 Calendar and represents the month of August.  Winners were announced at the unveiling of the calendar at The People Place  on October 17, 2014.


 Second place went to Carol Schroeder (November); 3rd place went to Sue Harnett (April). Congratulations to all the winning photos and thanks to all who entered.  Remember that all proceeds go to help the African Grandmothers.

January – Winter in the Okanagan by Hugh Clarke
February – Night Light at Kal Lookout by Eileen Kaul
March – Evening Grosbeak by Anne Clarke
April – Spring in the Okanagan by Sue Harnett
May – Great Grey Owl by Kris Van Hees
June – Summer’s Sweet Nectar by Carol Schroeder
July – An Airborne Moment by Sue Harnett
August – Sunset on Kin Beach by Konnie Kranenburg
September – Mabel Lake from the North End by Arlene Graves
October – Okanagan Fall Colors by Hugh Clarke
November – Friends! Pet Me Too! by Carol Schroeder
December – Tubing at Silver Star Mountain by Dave Rogers
January 2016 – Winter Walk, Kin Beach by Anne Clarke

People’s Choice – Duck in Water by Teresa Kennedy

Seen here: duck

Calendars are $15 each and come with a mailing envelope. Calendars are available from members of Grannies à Gogo.  If you wish to reserve one please email us at granniesagogo@gmail.com.


8 thoughts on “Okanagan Moments Photo Contest Winners

  1. My friend is a GoGo with South Fraser unit and has just gone south for the winter. It is her birthday Dec. 2 and I would like to send her a calendar for her birthday but need to get it in the mail soon. Can I buy one soon?

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