Potluck – 5th Anniversary

Annual Potluck – April 2012

Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection will celebrate their 5th ANNIVERSARY at the Annual Pot Luck. Please join us as we reflect on the amazing past events, both here and in Sabie, South Africa.

Thursday, April 19, 2012
5:45 – 8:45 pm
The People Place, 3402-27th Ave., Rm. 006

FIVE fabulous door prizes just for being there!

* A kid’s pony ride, plus a big Rogers Foods Gift Basket

* A round of 9-hole golf for two people at Mable Lake Golf Club 

* A gourmet meal for four with two bottles of South African wine

* A half day excursion for 4 on Lake Okanagan on a 28 foot cabin cruiser. 

* A 45-minute Cessna-182 summer flight for three

IN HONOUR OF OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY we are asking for a donation in multiples of 5 … that could mean 5 dimes, or 5 quarters, or 5 loonies, or 5 $5 bills, or 5  $10 bills … whatever you like, as long as it is in fives.

(Yes, we take cheques)

Donation envelopes will be available at the Welcome Table.


*A short power-point presentation of highlights from the past 5 years

*A 10 minute video of our gogos in South Africa, taken a few months ago

*Our beautiful crafts available for purchase, and sock-it-away project

*Our gorgeous scrapbook history display


*A main course OR a salad to serve 6.  Please note: dessert will be provided!

*Serving utensil with your food offering

*Cutlery and dishes for yourself

*Cash in multiples of 5 or cheque for your donation to the gogos, or to buy a craft item

* A friend


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