2011 Travelogue Series

Four travelogue presentations, two in January and two in February, were held in Room 105, at the lower level of People Place. Having Door Grannies at both the outside and inside  doors made a welcoming presence for our guests. Between 50 and 60 men and women attended each session. The $5 Admission fee made the sessions affordable for most people and we  were gratified to see so many people attend all four sessions. The Craft Table proved popular and increased our revenue.
Financial results: We raised $1147.67 from admissions and coffee money. The craft table raised $624.
Presentations were made by Tom Skinner (Australia), Hugh and Anne Clarke (Galapagos), Beverley Barling (Israel and Jordan), and Shirley Grabinsky (Haida Gwaii). Thank you to our presenters, Door Grannies, cookie makers and all those who helped with set-up and clean-up. The series was very successful and we’ve had requests for another series next year.


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