Buy a Calendar

In December, Susan Fenner will present our 100 Sitabogogo Gogos with calendars especially created for them.  They feature photos of our gogos thematically juxtaposed with photos of us.  To ensure that we do not use any of the funds we have collected for the Sitabogogo, we are “selling” the 100 calendars to cover the printing costs.  Each purchaser has the opportunity to write a message for a gogo on the back of the calendar and to sign his or her name.
Many people have already ” bought” and signed the calendars, but we still have some begging for special messages from us.  They are $10 each, 2 for $18 or 3 for $28.
If you would like to send a calendar or calendars to one of or several of the gogos in Sabie, South Africa, please send the message you would like written on the calendar(s) and the name you would like signed to and send your cheque to Carol Schroeder, Treasurer, #15 900 43 Avenue, Vernon, BC  V1T 9C8.  We must have them ready to send by Nov.13.
Many of us also want to keep one of these special calendars.  We are accepting orders and will print as many as are needed.  I know that I will order one to send to my sister in Vancouver; she is a keen supporter of our efforts on behalf of our gogos.
Anne Clarke