Susan’s blog: Kruger Park

Kruger Park is a marvelous escape. It’s only an hour’s drive from Sabie to the nearest gate of this 150 km long wildlife sanctuary. Ken and I hadn’t planned to go this time, but made a rather spontaneous decision that we needed a day off. My expectations were not high – we’ve been there dozens of times, often staying over in a camp for two or three days, so I did not expect to have many sightings in a day trip. Wrong!! 

We saw the usual kudus, giraffes, wildebeest, baboons, elephants, waterbuck, zebras, African buffalo,

When a rhino decides to cross the road, you stop!
When a rhino decides to cross the road, you stop!

warthogs, hippos and the plentiful impala. In addition we saw two separate klipspringers and had at least a half a dozen separate sightings of rhinos, including a group of seven – extremely rare. (People go to the park numerous times without seeing rhino). And then – something we’ve only seen in private reserves and never in the park before – 3 wild dogs. They are on the endangered species list.

On another note, I’m currently reading “The Betrayal of Africa” by Canadian author Gerald Caplan. It is a slim little volume that packs a huge punch as the author analyzes why the African continent is in such a mess. It’s an excellent resource for getting a concise background on the political and social issues.


6 thoughts on “Susan’s blog: Kruger Park

  1. So pleased to hear you took a day off to go Kruger. Sounds like you had a great time. I am enjoying reading your blogs and remembering our wonderful holiday with you.

  2. Ahhh….the memories, the emotions that your blogs generate. I recall our first sighting of the wild dogs on a chase and it was truly incredible. So glad that this trip is living up to all your expectations.


  3. Thanks, Terry and Sue, for your comments. Glad to know that there are a few out there reading my efforts. Both of you, of course, know about the obsticles and challenges this country and continent offer, including dealing with the internet. As they say daily here – TIA (This is Africa), and nothing is simple!

  4. Dear Susan,
    My heart and prayers are with you.. almost 6 years ago I was in Tanzania for 6 weeks .. I toured the Serengeti… so awesome… If it is in the Lord’s plans I will get to Sabie some day… keep on a keepin’ on… I look forward to reading your blogging and I now have ‘granniesagogo’ as my home page on computer… Love to you… HUGS CHERYL

  5. Hi Sue, I just returned from Kruger as well!!. I was in the Ngala game reserve and what an experience, we also saw the rhino, 25 elephants at the watering hole, a leopard ran in front of us as well as the usual zebras, and giraffs. South Africa is definately a beautifUl country and should be on everyones life list. We went into the shanty towns in Soweto and saw how the families live in one little room, took books, fans and art supplies to a school in Johannesburg and stopped at a preschool for orphans in Swaziland. All kids are the same, they just wnat you to play with them and love them. I love reading you letters. Thanks.

  6. The memories of Kruger park will be with me for a lifetime. Life (all the tremendous animals we saw) and death (the aftermath of a girrafe kill with lions and vultures) is a visceral experience. Truly an amazing place.

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