Okanagan Inspiration 2013 Calendar Photo Contest Results

Janus Steyn is the Winner of the Okanagan Inspiration Calendar 2013 Photograph Contest. Calendar Committee Members are Grannies Carol, Sue and Anne

The 2012 Photo Contest Winners

With 55 great entries from which to choose, judge, Don Weixl, had his work cut out for him.  On October 11, at the Open Meeting of Grannies à Gogo, the winners were announced:

First Prize: Spring View of Coldstream Valley by Janus Steyn – Calendar Cover

Second Prize: Clear and Calm at Ellison Park by Sue Harnett – May

Third Prize: The Amazing Blue Stamens of Chicory by Anne Clarke – September

January, August and October: Janus Steyn Photographs

February, November and December: Ray Hansen Photographs

March, April and and July: Hugh Clarke Photographs

June: Anne Clarke Photograph

The Peoples’ Choice (a tie): Carol Schroeder’s Spring Blossoms Bring Fall Fruit and Ray Hansen’s Winter Light at Cosens Bay

Sorry!  The Calendars are Sold Out!

For more information about the calendar and how to purchase copies, please click here or on the winning photo on the home page.


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