Painting Presented to Ginny Cormack

Recently, Sandra Rogers, a member of Grannies à Gogo,  donated one of her paintings to the group.  It was decided by the Steering Committee to present the painting to Ginny Cormack, who was the original volunteer administrator of our project in Sabie.  She located and drew together the Gogos in the Sabie Township of Simile, the Gogos raising their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren.  She ensured that the funds that we sent to Sabie were all used to help ease the difficult lives of these grandmothers.  The painting is of the Anglican church in Sabie; before moving to Sedgewick, Ginny was an Anglican priest at the church.  As it happened, Granny Lynn was going to be in Sedgewick, South Africa while visiting South Africa.  She volunteered to deliver the painting to Ginny.

Here’s Granny Lynn presented the painting to Ginny Cormack overlooking the beach at Sedgefield:



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