“The Joy of Discovery” named Top Photo

The winners of the 2016 Calendar Photo contest were announced on Friday, October 17 and the grand prize winner is this photo titled “The Joy of Discovery” by Tom Skinner. Best Tom's Boy

Judge John Morrison, from Revelstoke, had the honour of selecting the 13 photos that will be used for the 2016 calendar.

Second place went to Hugh Clarke: Great Blue Heron and 3rd place was also awarded to Tom Skinner: The Sentinel.  

Here is the complete list of winners, with the month they will be displayed in the calendar.

January – Sue Harnett: Winter Reflections
February – Tom Skinner:  The Sentinel (California Quail)
March – Anne Clarke: Marmot on Sentry Duty
April – Anne Clarke: Balsamroot, the Okanagan Sunflower
May – Hugh Clarke:  Great Blue Heron – Spring Nest Building
June – Hugh Clarke:  A Perfect Orchid, the Mountain Lady Slipper
July – Isabel Harnett: Determined Water Skier (Sue’s Granddaughter)
August – Mary Stebbins: Meadow of Wild Flowers
September – Josie Brown: Bottled Sunshine
October – Tom Skinner: The Joy of Discovery
November – Sue Harnett: Here’s Looking at You
December – Sue Ulmer: Mabel Lake on a Winter’s Day
January (2017) – Mary Stebbins: Early Morning Silver Thaw
Thanks to all those who entered.

Calendars can be purchased through our online store or through any member of Grannies à Gogo.  You can also email us at granniesagogo@gmail.com for more information.

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