The Science of Happiness

Grannies à Gogo is pleased to present Dr. Ben Coleman and the Science of Happiness. Dr. Coleman will speak on the science of developing and leading a happy life.

Dr. Coleman has researched the subject of happiness for the past decade and his presentation will include voluntary audience participation with tools that participants can take home and put into practice.

This presentation will take place Friday, Feb. 24 at the People Place, 3402 27th Ave., lower level, at 7 pm.  Doors open at 6:30.

Admission by donation (minimum $5) and all proceeds go to the African grandmothers raising their AIDS orphaned children.




One thought on “The Science of Happiness

  1. This is the perfect photo to go with the title. I ran it off on our colour printer and will put one on Trinity Bulletin Board. Thanks Anne. Shirley >

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