We are going to have a great calendar!  Thank you to everyone who entered photos in the contest and took part in the People’s Choice event.
Thanks to our fantastic judge Ian Bull – very patient, informative and fun.  He was impressed by the quality and variety of the photos entered.
And the winners are:
January – Barb Melanson
February – Wayne Emde
March – Anne Clarke
April – Gabe Stebbins (first prize)
May – Mary Stebbins (the mom of the first prize winner!)
June – Carol Schroeder
July – Carol Schroeder
August – Barb Melanson
September – Barbara Dirk (third prize)
October – Sarah Hanson
November – Anne Clarke
December – Sue Harnett (2nd prize)
January ‘19 – Mary Stebbins
Winning Photo: Adventure Calls
People’s Choice Winners:
Winter – Sue Harnett
Spring – Anne Clarke
Summer – Eileen Kaul
Fall – Anne Clarke
Calendars will be ready for purchase soon – watch for an announcement as these sell quickly!!

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