Fabric Sale Extravaganza

Grannies à Gogo is presenting a Fabric Sale Extravaganza. Up for grabs will be a hundreds of meters of fabrics and yarns, as well as notions.

The visual feast includes satins, silks, synthetics, cottons, laces, wools, rayons, denims, knits, flannels and much more. All are pre-measured and labelled. There is every colour and pattern conceivable – imagine a hundred times Joseph’s infamous multi-coloured coat. Anyone who is keen on sewing, quilting, costume making, or crafting will be up to their eyeballs in delight.

And the kicker… it is ALL spectacularly inexpensive, regardless of fabric type. There are also heaps of rolled off-cuts of less than a metre for sale at $5 per grocery bag.  Also available are quantities of doll making supplies.

The Fabric Extravaganza will be held Saturday, April 6th, from 10 – 4 pm at The People Place, 3402- 27th Avenue, Rm. 006. Please bring your own bag. Cash or cheques only.

Fabric Sale Poster_sm


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