Susan’s blog: Jo’burg arrival

Every time I return to South Africa it is with a great deal of keyed up anticipation. And every time I wonder and worry: have I set the bar too high with my hopes? Will my eager expectations not be met this time?

As I bolted from the plane my senses were fine tuned for whatever I could notice. I noticed opposites: the dehydrated atmosphere of 22 hours in planes juxtaposed against the wave of humidity that washed over us on emerging; the marbled interior upgrading of the Jo’burg airport as S. Africa prepares for the World Soccer event in 2010 vs. the impoverished porters all clamoring to help because they probably have 10 family members dependant on what they bring home.

This morning we had breakfast with a Wits university student, Samuel, who was a ‘project’ I started five years ago while living in Sabie. It is so gratifying to see the progress he has made, the young man of integrity and determination he has grown into. I’ll write more about Samuel and his uphill struggle another time.

Time to rent a car and onward-ho to Sabie – about a 4 hour drive. I’m chomping at the bit.


One thought on “Susan’s blog: Jo’burg arrival

  1. Hi Susan
    How impressive that you’re on the blogging train. Blogging is on my list of things to do but right now my hours are so full of preparation for the various art sales that I don’t even have time to journal. What a shame that is. I lead such a fascinating life!!!!
    I look forward to reading your blog and learning about Africa.
    Hi Ken!

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