Susan’s blog: Play time

As a special treat for about 40 gogos, Ginny and Millie arranged for them to see the dress rehearsal last night of the “Little Miss Muffet” pantomime being put on by the Sabie amateur theatre group. What a good time – I had as much fun observing the gogos’ response to this British genre as I did the actors on stage. The gogos got so completely involved with the actors, clapping at times in the middle of a scene or spontaneously cheering certain characters.

The witch, played very dramatically by an excellent actress, was a favourite of theirs. When the army captain first appeared in full regalia it caused a lot of commotion and talking amongst themselves and I was quite puzzled . . . until I remembered that they probably know of him in real life as a sabie policeman and, I’m guessing, were surprised to see him as an actor in the lead romantic role.

Gogos get dramatic with the Spider and other characters after the show.

Gogos get dramatic with the Spider and other characters after the show.

With Sabie being the small town that it is, the actors were happy to pose for photos with the gogos in different groupings afterwards. As you can see the gogos were quite willing to get in on the act.


4 thoughts on “Susan’s blog: Play time

  1. Hi Susan

    Sounds great. I am so pleased you are doing this. I still haven’t started anything with Togo. Still thinking I guess. Baby Abi is wonderful as is darling Kacia. I am home in Alabama again and missing my sweet baby, but also glad to be back with Kenny Joe.

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

    P.S. How are the Christmas cards coming?? 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments and update, Terry. When you’re ready to start your project with Togo, we’re here to help.
    Christmas cards?? Yah, well in my dreams . . . maybe in the plane on the way home Dec.14!

  3. How wonderful that the Grannies were able to see the play! And did it ever make my heart sing to see the picture, recognize so many faces and know that A.C.T.S. ( Association for Community Theater Sabie) is thriving. Such incredible memories. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

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