Susan’s blog: Gogo gardens

It’s summer in Sabie – the rainy season. In past summer visits I have managed to hit the dry spells between the rains. Not so this time. But, wow, does it make the gardens flourish. Yesterday there was a break in the misty rain and, the instant the sky brightened, a dozen gogos at the Ubuntu Centre laid down their sewing needles and picked up heavy garden implements. They headed down to their gardens (notice the plural – when I was here 9 months ago only one garden was fully producing) and set to work.

The gogos are breaking new ground, in every sense of that phrase.

The gogos are breaking new ground, in every sense of that phrase.

I couldn’t help but think what a metaphor this was, the quick switch from wielding fine needles to swinging heavy hoes, breaking new ground. These gogos have had to handle a life full of so many extremes.

While several hacked at the turf to enlarge their gardens, the others plucked at weeds which have responded to the rains just as lushly as the cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes and much more.

Things are flourishing - the gogos; the veggies.

Things are flourishing - the gogos; the veggies.


A local volunteer who comes in to help with sewing and knitting on Thursdays, mentioned that she was going to teach them how to can tomatoes soon. The recent purchase of a small deep freeze will ensure that no surplus produce will go to waste. With the gogos’ commitment to gardening each Mon, Wed, and Fri, there’s bound to be plenty for all to share.


4 thoughts on “Susan’s blog: Gogo gardens

  1. Hi Susan,

    I am enjoying your blog, and am aptly impressed by the fact that you actually know how to do blogs!
    Please keep up the great writing.
    I’m interested in knowing how your Samuel is.

  2. Dear Susan – Sorry I couln’t make it down to Sabie to say hi but the reality of work commitments made that difficult. Ken filled me in about your various projects … they sound great! The blog is a super idea and I must say that I am enjoying the tantalizing tidbits. Keep them coming! Take care and keep it up! Regards,Brian

  3. Hi Susan:
    I am so impressed with all that you have been able to see and do. How wonderful it must be to see such progress in such a short time really. We look forward to hearing more when you get back. Get over the jet-lag first though.
    luv Anita

  4. Hi Susan,

    You have done a wonderful job on this blog and I can see by reading some of the responses that it makes Sabie and the gogos a reality for people. I miss the contact with these Gogos and the rest of the community as well.



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