Gogos’ Christmas Outing to Mac Mac Falls

On December 10, 60 Gogos and Mkuhulus (Zulu for Grandfathers), escorted by Renette and Mary (friends of Ginny’s) and some Home Based Care helpers, went on an outing to Mac Mac Pools and Falls for a braai (BBQ). Ginny reports, “They had a wonderful time, although a thunderstorm cut things shorter than planned. When they got back, they were each presented with their food hamper in a smart shopping bag. They headed home very happy.” To see photos of the Mac Mac Pool outing, please click on the photo below.

The outing and the food hampers are our Christmas gifts to the Gogos and Mkuhulus of Sitabogogo. You recall that there are also grandfathers caring for their grandchildren. They generously volunteered to be known as Gogos – hence, their group name, Sitabogogo (help a grandmother).

Christmas Outing and Braai at Mac Mac Falls (a braai is a BBQ in South Africa)


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