Susan’s Blog: Pulling together & Cramming

Today is all about pulling together and cramming. After five weeks of R&R in a Buenos Aires, I’m referring to pulling together all my belongings and souvenirs that have increasingly drifted into little nooks and crannies of this maze-like apartment, and cramming them into the same size suitcase that I arrived with. It could be a bit of a Houdini trick. Because tonight my husband, Ken, and I say adios to Argentina, and fly to South Africa to say sanibonani (Zulu for ‘hello’) for the next month.

There’s been another kind of ‘pulling together’ on my mind, too. It’s what Sitabogogo has been doing the past six months since they faced confusion and disheartening set-backs. The gogos we support in Sabie were caught in civil unrest that saw some municipal buildings burned and their (municipality sponsored) Ubuntu Centre vandalized. Fortunately they lost very little. They carted things to the nearby church and an adjoining small house which has now become their temporary base. They have pulled together under the unflagging leadership of our volunteer administrator, Rev. Ginny, whose vision is to build their own centre!

Then more cramming for me . . . to squeeze in as much time as I can with Sitabogogo to catch up on their activities and hear their personal stories. For the next three weeks I’ll report on their activities and my insights: gardening, literacy, physical activity, sewing & crafts, an orphan youth support group that’s attempting to form and, of course, a lot that I don’t know yet and am about to find out. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Susan’s Blog: Pulling together & Cramming

  1. Hi Susan,

    Wow! Globe-trotting again! I am sure you will be relieved to see your gogos again, especially after so much that has happened to them. It is encouraging to hear of Rev. Ginny’s support; she sounds like their backbone! Thank heaven that they have been able to reorganize. I pray that you will have lots of time with them and will be refreshed to hear the news of their adventures. Looking forward to hearing how they’re doing!

    Love, Jeanne-Ann

  2. Dear Susan,

    How lucky we are that you are checking in on our wonderful “sisters” in Sabie. My wish is that I were with you – next time 🙂

    Please liberally distribute hugs to the gogos from the Vernon Grannies A Gogo.

    Love, Anne

  3. Hi Susan, glad to see you have arrived safely in Sabie and will be with the gogos again. Please give them all my love and let them know how much I think of them and miss them, since being there. Special love to Ginny for all that has happened and is about to happen.
    Look forward to following your news.
    Love, Beverley

  4. I’m really looking forward to hearing about all the Gogos and their families. They will be so excited to see you again, Susan.
    Today I wrote letters with Valentines to Ainah and Margaret so I’m hoping they arrive in Sabie when you’re there.
    Special greetings to Ginny from all of us
    Best wishes for a great time.
    Love, Shirley

  5. Hi Sue! We will follow your blog with interest from Vietnam. Looking forwrad to your updates and photos. Stay safe,

    Kathi, Ted, Mitchell & Jckson

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