Susan’s Blog: Pensions & Parcels

There’s been a lot of rain lately in this area and we’re talking often 20-35 mm. per day, but yesterday morning was sunny, hot and humid for my first visit to Sitabogogo. Good thing, because officials were set up under a tree in St. Augustine’s church yard for pension renewal day. All over the age of 60 have to go through the annual red tape of proving they exist in order to keep receiving their meager pensions. It was a tedious, all-morning process, but the wonderful thing is that now, because Sitabogogo has become an institution in Simile, the mountain (the officials) came to Mohammed, and the gogos and mkhulus no longer have to traipse into Sabie and queue all day for the process.

Mable Makhathini, one of the gogos who is a retired nursing assistant, was set up outside doing twice weekly blood pressure and blood sugar testing. A Home Based Care lady assisted by recording the results on each gogo’s separate page, keeping track.

So the big exercise session I was anticipating was much smaller – only those gogos who had already been pension-processed. Their abilities ranged from very energized (note 84 year old Ainah 4th from left at top of photo!) to a few who sat and did what they could. I followed along with them for their abbreviated session of 20 minutes, taught by a young physiotherapist – a good workout.

Monthly food supplement parcels were being handed out, too. Definitely ‘Good for You’!


2 thoughts on “Susan’s Blog: Pensions & Parcels

  1. Dear Susan,

    Thank you so very much for capturing the essence of your morning visit in words and photos. Your creative skills gave me the sense of being at your side. Thank you for so generously gifting us.

    What a thrill to acknowledge that our collective efforts, including those of Ginny, Millie and Ruth, have moved the red tape mountain to our wonderful Sitabogogo gogos!

    Love, Anne

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