Susan’s Blog: In Sabie

For those of you who participated in our Kitchen Safari in October, you may remember the S. African bean curry appetizer with the unlikely name of Bunny Chow. So as I flipped through the movie listings of the in-flight magazine on South Africa Airlines, I was struck with a fit of giggles when I came across a movie called “Bunny Chow”, described as a story about three guys on a road trip to a South African rock festival. (No, I didn’t watch it.)

Last night I unexpectedly ran into Ruth Magagula (see Sitabogogo page of this website) and her husband at the restaurant we went to. They were set up with paper work alongside their coffees, and said electricity and water were off throughout the township of Simile where they (and all the gogos) live, and won’t be fixed until Monday. Apparently the same situation exists in some parts of the main town of Sabie. The problem seems to be that the municipality’s coffers are completely empty due to corruption of the municipal directors (note the civil unrest mentioned in my last blog – corruption was what the protest was all about), and therefore no money for replacement parts to the systems. The good news that I heard is that all those municipal directors were dismissed and a provincial interim administrator has been sent in to clean up the mess.

I am missing Anne Clarke, our Chairperson. Some of you who are closely associated with Grannies à Gogo know she was planning to be here with me for the first several days before she and her husband were to do a 3-week tour of South Africa. In fact I was going to twist her arm to do a few of these blog postings. But in Dec. she badly broke that arm, requiring surgery, pins, and more surgery and, heavy-heartedly, had to cancel the trip. I was so eager to share this little piece of Africa with her, but it’s not to be . . . this time. Maybe next year 🙂

Tomorrow I will finally see the gogos. I’m told they start off Mondays with a rousing exercise session and I’m raring to join in.


2 thoughts on “Susan’s Blog: In Sabie

  1. Susan, I am so jealous that you are with the Gogo’s. Please give some of them a hug from me and tell them I miss them terribly. My best to Joy and Ginny. Cherryl

    • Cherryl, today was my first day with the gogos and I gave Milly a photo of you and her taken last year. Cross my heart, she said how much all the gogos really miss you and love you! (I think you need to visit Ed in Swaziland with a side trip to Sabie).

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