Susan’s Blog: Go Gogos Go

Many of the gogos have been turned on to sports thanks in large part to the help of Musa Nkuna from the Department of Culture and Recreation. He organized a display for me of all the competitive games they play at the competitions for seniors. A picture reputedly being worth a thousand words, here is a photo essay:

Standing in a large circle around Musa, the gogos follow his lead in warm up exercises. He made sure that plenty of bottled water was set out on this 33ºC day.

Martina runs the ball forward from the back of her team in the Pass-the-Ball Relay

With a little help from Musa, Inah lines up to hit six tennis ball into a 30 cm cage about 10 feet away. This very spry, mid-80s gogo scored with three balls.

Ring-the-Stick was a quite a logistical challenge

One member tosses the ring to a partner who catches it (hopefully) by poking the stick through the ring. Then the thrower runs to the catcher and takes the stick, while the first catcher runs the ring to the next team member in line, and takes her place at the back of the line. They continue until all have had a chance at throwing and catching. Whew!

The next photo has a back story. Thembi is relatively new to Sitabogogo. She first came for soup when the soup kitchen started a year ago. Not only was she challenged physically and wheelchair bound, but had a challenge with alcohol and hygienic care. She was encouraged to join in with the gogos’ activities and slowly, very gradually, she became an eager part of the group. She’s now there every day, cleaned up and raring to go. A very heart-warming success story.

Thembi demonstrates her winning style in the Washing Pegs Race, for which she won a bronze medal at the National Golden Games in the wheelchair bound division.

Rose Maluka (bronze medal in Rapid Throw), Thembi Mafokeng and Victor Maphosa were selected as part of Mpumalanga’s provincial delegation to the National Golden Games in Bloemfontein in October.

October was designated Seniors month and the Department of Social Development organized a series of soccer and netball games in Thulamashe, about a two hour drive north of Sabie. The 22 members of Sitabogogo you are looking at here are wearing the medals of first place!

Other competitions for seniors were the Duck Walk, Dress-up Race, and Juskei, but my photos for those were dubious. When Musa’s well organized demonstrations were done I felt I’d had a workout, too, dashing between my note-taking, still camera and video camera. Lots to show when I get home.


2 thoughts on “Susan’s Blog: Go Gogos Go

  1. This is a great story made even better with the photos. First Place medals! Hey, I think we are ALL winners here. Thanks Susan and keep up the great work.

  2. Great blog, Susan. Magically, your words raced me along as if I were doing the activities and juggling cameras and pencils; they left me saying “whew” at the end of your photo journal. How do you do that?? Anne

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