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When I come to Sabie to visit Sitabogogo, I often focus on capturing all the little details of what is going on with them. I keep a journal of things I see and hear, snap photos, and this year some video, too. But in the first few days it dawned on me that they really don’t know very much about our Grannies à Gogo women. I got a sense that some of them see the funds we raise as appearing magically. So I decided to print some of the fantastic photos from our website’s Photo Album, and each day I have been showing them a few of our different projects.

Gogos look at Grannies à Gogo fund-raising photos

For example, when looking at the fall crafts workshop photos they were very interested in the pumpkin centerpieces, as that is something that grows well here. I fielded questions on how to make them … never mind that I was over making wreathes and not the centerpieces! The little Sock-It-Away coin collectors also intrigued them.

When shown a photo of our stall at a craft fair with quilted bags hanging on display, we had a good laugh when one of them pointed to a tree where several of them often hang their purses and bags, and admonished me not to sell their bags. One gogo asked, “Where are your black women?” Good question. I then explained the demographics of Vernon, and also of Vancouver and Toronto for comparison – probably more information than they wanted.

Their monthly supplemental food parcels were distributed, which included their staple bag of mealie meal, a box of soy meal and six eggs. It’s always a marvel to watch the stately manner in which these are transported home.

And always, irresistible children around, eager to have their photo taken:

Milly and her adorable Nonhle, now 18 months old

These two had been hanging about, seemingly attached to no one and said, “Shoot us, Ma'am”. (Don’t have to ask me twice)


One thought on “Susan’s Blog: Cdn. Grannies

  1. The little African boy with his red underwear showing would be right in style here in Canada. Unfortunately it looks like he needs pants a size larger. The other boy looks more comfortable. Good to see healthy looking kids!

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