Travelogues – Back by Popular Demand

Grannies à Gogo are sponsoring another series of travelogue presentations on 4 consecutive Fridays in January and February.  All presentations will be held at the People Place, Lower Level, Suite 006 – 3402 27th St, 10:00 am.

Admission is $5 per travelogue payable at the door.  Coffee and refreshments available.

January 20th – “Land and Water Safaris in Africa:  the Big Five and Much More” – presented by Anne and Hugh Clarke.  This is a dazzling photo safari full of excellent photography and narration and many animals including babies.

January 27th -“Papua, New Guinea” – presented by Beverley Barling.  The second largest island in the world is a “land of extraordinary variety, high mountains, vast swamps and deltas, endless forests, coastal plains, great rivers, myriad islands, reefs and cays”.

February 3rd – “Bhutan” the mythical Buddhist kingdom in the heart of the Himalayas, where the happiness quotient is the ruling principal.  Presented by Sue Harnett as she walks you through the many discoveries she made while delving into Bhutan, a paradise waiting to be explored.

February 10th – “Newfoundland, Land of Surprises” – presented by tom Skinner.  Come and learn what there is to be surprised by in this beautiful province.  Tom’s superb photography is there waiting to be explored and enjoyed by the audience.


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