Travelling Again – new Travelogues

Yes, once more you can sit back & enjoy 2 new trips without leaving town. Maybe you want to be inspired to think about where you will head to later this year or next or perhaps to enjoy the colorful slide shows & hear of life in far off locations without having to pay, pack and get there!

Friday, May 4th at People Place, 3402 27th Ave., Suite 006 7:00
$10 donation for 2 presentations and refreshments.

Buenos Aires European influence with “Latino sizzle”
Presented by Susan Fenner, with a look at the tango heart beat of Argentina, and the beguiling people and places of its’ many barrios. Included is a side trip to Iguazu Falls. Below, In Buenos Aires, La Bocca neighbourhood of ‘licorice allsorts’ coloured buildings, street musicians play their beloved tango tunes daily while locals dance intimately in the streets. Truly a delightful feast for the eyes and the ears while stopping to enjoy the food is a treat too.



Journey to The Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi
Presented by Sue Harnett. You can enjoy the sights and insights of the real Africa where she traveled and volunteered as a teacher for 2 years. One can travel safely in this scenic small friendly country, which has National parks, high plateaus, rivers and is dominated by Lake Malawi. In contrast Namibia is full of vast empty space – one can travel a day and not see another human! Climb sand dunes of Sossusvlei, see the Big five in Etosha or drive the Skeleton Coast.


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